Ease of use

You get free access to all locations, in all cities, in all countries. Find, check in and rate location on our app.

Free Coffee & Tea

A free cup of good black coffee or tea is included every day.

Thriving Community

You will get the opportunity to join an inspiring community with opportunities to meet new people and participate in a lot of exciting events.

Affordable Pricing

Our unique partnership model with leading restaurants and hotels makes it possible for us to offer unlimited access to all locations at a fraction of the price of coworking options.

Simple and Transparent Pricing Plans

No Startup fee, deposit or long-term commitment

Try out Lobby one week for free

Save 2 months
Most popular
99,-per month 119,-per month
Price ex. VAT. Yearly payment
Price ex. VAT. Monthly payment
  • Unlimited access to all work lounges
    Unlimited access to all work lounges
  • Free cup of coffee or tea
    Free cup of coffee or tea
  • Free access for guests*
    Free access for guests*
  • Discount on food and drinks**
    Discount on food and drinks**
  • Join Sp8ces community
    Join Sp8ces community
  • Access to exclusive discounts
    Access to exclusive discounts
After agreementAfter agreement
+10 employees
+10 employees
  • Everything included in Nomad plan +
    Everything included in Nomad plan +
  • Single invoice
    Single invoice
  • Specific onboarding program
    Specific onboarding program
  • Account manager
    Account manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Lobby?

Lobby is for all. Freelancers, startups, students, entrepreneurs and employees in larger or smaller organisations. Maybe you are looking for an everyday inspiring workplace? Maybe you just occasionally need to get away from the home office?  Or maybe you are looking to have an informal meeting in a nice place, away from the coffee bar crowds?  – and maybe you can optimize your day by working here for 2-3 hours before you are heading to your next place or meeting.  Lobby is flexible. You can also read our guide on how to pick the right co-working space in Copenhagen here.

How does the membership plans work? 

When you sign up as a member for Lobby you can choose between a monthly or yearly plan. With the yearly plan you save 2 months. All plans run from the date you sign up and 1 month (or 1 year) ahead and they will automatically be renewed if you do not cancel you membership. The plan offer unlimited visits to all locations in all countries. An added benefit is  the opportunity to bring guests for a period of three hours per day per guest uncharged.

How is Lobby different from working at a café? 

No more pressure of having to buy anything in order to sit and work. Lobby is your access card to a variety of beautiful locations. Our only focus is proving our members with the best possible settings for working and have small informal meetings. You and the guests you invite will be welcomed by service managers. Our work lounges are often separated and exclusive areas for Lobby members only, with fast internet and plenty of outlets. Free cup of coffee, tea and water, access to meeting rooms and events, and a great community to meet. Access to all work lounges gives you unrivaled flexibility in terms of where you want to work any given day. So come join us at coworking Copenhagen, Oslo, and Denmark. Where you are is where you work!

Can I bring guests? Can I bring my own lunch?  

Members can bring all the guests they want. Your guest’s first 3 hours are free and after that you will be charged 29,- DKK per hour.

And yes, you can bring your own lunch to a selected part of our locations. See more under the specific location. Most of our locations also offer a delicious lunch menu – often with an exclusive discount for Lobby members.